Sunday, September 30, 2012


A few more sketches from the plane ride from New York. I use to absolutely hate drawing hands, now I kind of enjoy it. But I still struggle with variety. The extremely talented story artist/ character designer Toby Shelton posted some great examples of hand variations. Every now and then I find myself doing a page of these hands.

Horned Owls

I found myself taking a sudden interest in owls a while back, particularly Horned Owls. I still had some old photos I downloaded and winded up doing a few sketches on the plane home from New York.

Airport People

I visited New York recently and spent far more time at the airport than I was suppose to. After a while I found myself sketching some of the people around me. (I think a few of them saw me.)

I showed this to my aunt and she told me they all looked like the same person. Guess I should work on eye variety.