Saturday, January 12, 2013

Darkstalkers Character Design Contest

Capcom-Unity is apparently holding a character design contest to promote their upcoming Darkstalkers digital releases. In all honesty I've never actually entered any kind of art contest before. I think now is as good a time as any.The game is horror themed so I knew right off the bat I wanted to make a gargoyle. I've been looking at Gargoyle statues for inspiration as well as watching Disney's Gargoyles (my all time favorite cartoon!) Here are just a few doodles I jotted down after reading about the contest. I'm gonna work on making him look a little more intimidating.

Stop! Chopper Time!


If there's one movie I never forget to watch during the holiday season it's Gremlins. It's like Takashi Miike's Audition. You think you're watching one type of movie and then SURPRISE!! It's a horror movie now!

An American Tail - Fievel

Recently picked up a childhood favorite of mine on DVD, An American Tail. While some parts of the story I don't feel aged very well Fievel still remains one of the most irresistibly charming characters of pretty much any movie I can think of.

MegasXLR Guy...Thing.

I've been watching MegasXLR among several other cartoons as of recent. I can't believe I skipped out on this one during it's original run. It's awesome! I really like the alien designs. I found myself sketching a few of them but this one was my favorite. He's a junkyard alien who as far as I know only appears in one episode.

Thought I'd try using a white color pencil against the dark grey markers for a reflection effect.