Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bullit Beagle

I've been watching DuckTales recently and decided to sketch my own Beagle Boy. This guy's name is Bullit, the getaway driver. I'm sure fans of the movie Drive will understand the hammer.


Let it be known here and now that Gargoyles is my all time favorite animated series. Yet I hardly ever attempt to draw them. Well here are some attempts to remedy that.
 Let it also be known that Hudson is my favorite character in the show.

Legend of Zelda Sketches

Finally managed to get a copy of the Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia a while back. Needless to say I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I hadn't drawn anything Zelda related in a while so I winded up doing a few doodles during some downtime at work. Personally I've always been a fan of the smaller Links. They just seem to have more charm.

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