Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mouse Guard Fanart

I've been really into Mouse Guard recently. It's a graphic novel that recently won an Eisner Award and deserving so. I've been doodling the three main leads quite a bit lately. I think in the hands of the right people Mouse Guard would make a great feature film so I thought I'd try and design them how I'd like to see them on the screen.

 Kenzie generally plays the part of the leader. Somehow I always pictured his ears being pushed up a bit. He appeared to be the most well kept of the three. I also pushed his ears up a bit more than the others. I thought it would make him look a bit more proper.

 Saxon is easily my favorite character so far. I always pictured him as an adult version of Martin from The Secret of NIMH.. So admittedly I did observe Martin quite a bit. (In fact I think I lightly sketched him on the upper left corner) I also made him a bit bulkier than the other two since he's the most prone to resort to physical combat. I'd post some facial expressions but I seem to have misplaced them. I'll update this post when I find them.

Lieam was a bit of a challenge since many of them looked too similar to Kenzie. So I decided to tweak his eyes a bit and make them a bit larger since he's the youngest character in the book. Though I'll probably post another sketch of him sometime in a more interesting pose.