Monday, November 18, 2013


I really ought to get into the habit of posting something more than once a month. Believe me, it's not that I haven't bee drawing. I have about several hundred storyboard drawings from my class to prove it. Perhaps I should post those too. Well in the meantime, here is a Pokémon doodle I did a while back and decided to color. It features three of the Generation VI Pokémon that I used in my initial play-through. From left to right respectively we have Pancham, Bunnelby, and Chespin. I gotta say, being able to view them from any angle in the game's Pokédex makes life a lot easier when using reference.

You may have noticed I removed their tails in the coloring process. For some reason no matter how I colored them they just didn't look right to me. Besides, from that angle you probably wouldn't have been able to see them anyway.

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